Welcome to Masterworks
Saturday, May 9, 2015
Sursa Hall, Ball State University
Masterworks Chorale presents an elegant evening of inspiring music accompanied by orchestra. The "Coronation Mass" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the featured composition. Two coronation anthems by George Frideric Handel will also be performed.
Bring your friends and enjoy beloved gems by famous composers who were court musicians of royalty!
Masterworks thanks our generous Concert Sponsors, Pizza King and Mutual Bank, and our Consortium Underwriter, Burger King.

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"Absolutely tremendous!"
"You are an asset to the community."
"Wow! Let’s do it again sometime."
"It’s helpful having the text printed."
"I am so glad that you made it so we can bring our kids."*

 --comments from our audience members
*free admission for children and students

Crown Jewels Program Notes
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did not eagerly embrace his employment as a musician for the Cathedral in Salzburg. His letters to his father demonstrate his preference to find a position as a court musician where he could focus on chamber music and opera rather than compose for the church. The young composer and his father maintained a difficult interpersonal relationship with the bishop, who enforced many stipulations on the length and scoring of music for contemporary worship.
However restrictive the guidelines felt, Mozart’s 15 settings of the mass ordinary composed between the ages of 12 and 24 form a delightful repertoire: sweet without becoming sentimental, energetic in their efficient construction.
The source of the nickname “Coronation” for Mozart’s Mass in C major, K.V. 317, is not known. No evidence demonstrates that it was conceived for or performed for an actual coronation. Nevertheless, its opening “Kyrie” creates a regal entrance using rhythmic figures associated with royal processionals of the 18th century.